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Hi Ho! Hi Ho! It's Off to College We Go!

My Students

I teach fifth grade (10-year-olds), and we have a diverse group of learners at varying levels of academic success. Our class has a great group of students who are motivated to learn; however, we are lacking the equipment needed to provide flexible seating in our classroom.

With your support, I can provide students with flexible seating options to allow them to find their personal 'learning niche' and opportunities to promote the belief that college is an attainable option for everyone.


Thank you in advance for your consideration; I appreciate you making time to read about our classroom's project!😊


My Project

Our school is a No Excuses University (NEU) school, where each classroom has chosen a college to promote with college-themed decor, college chants, and the promotion of the idea that college is a viable option to all, if they so choose. Our college is San Diego State, and our color-scheme is red and black, hence the chosen cart items.

As my students prepare for life beyond elementary school, my wish is for them to become lifelong learners, regardless of their environment.

They are challenged with staying on-task during class time. Part of this is because they are asked to stay in one seat for extended periods of time, which is too much to ask of ten-year-olds.

With these wonderful beanbag and folding chairs, lap trays and college-themed house flags, I can provide flexible seating opportunities for my students in an environment that promotes college as an option for all. For those new to the concept of flexible seating, it is an alternative to traditional seating in chairs at desks, creating a more comfortable, student-centered environment where students are excited to learn!

Your donation will help my students adapt to being lifelong learners that know how to create a learning environment in any situation, at any time. Thank you, in advance, for helping my college-bound fifth graders be the best they can be!!

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